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Producer Himel Ashraf, who confirmed the information to Kal Kantha, stated that the much-anticipated Eid film "Priyotoma" is scheduled to be distributed in 107 cinemas nationwide.

Popular multiplexes including Cineplex, Blockbuster, and others are among the 107 cinemas in this list. According to Himel Ashraf, "Priyotoma" would be shown in every Cineplex location. In addition, the film will be shown in Shyamoli in addition to a number of other excellent and spacious single-screen theaters across the nation.

Himel claimed that they might have gotten two-thirds of the country's theaters if there were 500 of them. "Priyotoma" is very popular with theater owners, booking agents, and patrons alike.

There won't be a cheaper release of "Priyotoma" anywhere. A few time before Eid, the whole list of theaters will be revealed. Himel will give further information when the movie is distributed internationally following Eid.

"Priyotoma" is a romantic action movie starring Shakib Khan and Idhika Pal from Kolkata. Attention has already been drawn by the 30-second teaser and the Qurbani Eid song. Notably, Shakib Khan's 80-year-old appearance in the movie has drawn a lot of positive attention.

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