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The crowd was thanked by director Raihan Rafi for the enthusiastic response to the advance ticket sales for his next movie "Shurongo." He revealed yesterday on his Facebook page that practically all of the first-day tickets for the movie at Bashundhara City Star Cineplex, Sony Square, and SKS Tower were rapidly sold out, leaving fans excitedly expecting the movie's premiere.

Rafi posted a screenshot of the seating arrangement along with the article to demonstrate the popularity of the movie.

Five movies are slated for nationwide release, according to Mia Alauddin, senior vice chair of the Bangladesh Film Exhibitors' Association. I'm hoping that folks will watch flicks for Eid at the movies.

Bandhan Biswas is the director of the film Lal Shari, which has Apu Biswas and Symon Sadik in the lead characters; Saikat Nasir directed the film Casino, which features Nirab Hossain and Shobnom Yesmin Bubly in the key characters; Raihan Rafi directed Surongo, which has Afran Nisho and Tama Mirza as the film's two key actors; Himel Ashraf directed Priyotoma, which featured Shakib Khan and Idhika Paul in the key parts; Chayanika Chowdhury directed Prohelika, which featured Mahfuz Ahmed and Shabnom Bubly.

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সুরঙ্গ মুভি,আফরান নিশো,আফরান নিশো সুরঙ্গ,সুরঙ্গ ফুল মুভি,সুড়ঙ্গ মুভি,সুড়ঙ্গ মুভি ট্রেলার,আফরান নিশো সিনেমা,আফরান নিশো নতুন নাটক,বড় পর্দায় আফরান নিশো,শাকিব খানের মুভি,সুরঙ্গ,সুড়ঙ্গ,ছোট পর্দা থেকে বড় পর্দায় আফরান নিশো,সুড়ঙ্গ,ছোট পর্দা থেকে বড় পর্দায় আফরান নিশো | surongo,সুরঙ্গ ফুল সিনেমা,আফরান নিশো তার প্রথম সিনেমা দিয়ে কতোটা দর্শক মনজয় করতে পারলো,নিশোর ছবি দেখতে অস্থায়ী সিনেমা হল,মিশন হান্টডাউন।

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