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Raihan Rafi is the director of the 2023 Bangladeshi crime thriller Surongo, which Alpha-i and Chorki also co-produced. Afran Nisho and Toma Mirza play the leading characters in the movie.

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Afran Nisho makes his big-screen debut in the much awaited Bengali movie "Surongo," which is directed by Raihan Rafi. The Chorki team produced an outstanding film. With his most recent picture, Raihan Rafi, a well-known figure in Bangladeshi cinema, has once again mesmerized spectators. Rafi's latest Bangla movie has mesmerized spectators with its acute storytelling eye and knack for delving into challenging subjects.

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The story of Masud, a regular electrician living in a Bangladeshi suburb, is told in the film "Surongo." When he falls in love with a beautiful woman, his life takes an unexpected turn. The movie expertly combines aspects of suspense, drama, comedy, and crisis, keeping audiences interested from beginning to end.

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Masud set out on a journey to distant regions in search of chances to get the money that would meet Maina's desires since he was desperate to please his wife. Despite his exhausting efforts overseas, he was dealt a terrible blow by fate when he got home. Maina eloped with Masud's best buddy in a shocking act of betrayal. Masud, who was still entirely motivated by love, left his house to look for his wife. Masud set off on a perilous voyage, navigating the darkness of secrecy and treachery, with a mind that was on the verge of desperation.

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He realizes with startling clarity after discovering his wife that money can buy anything, including "true love." In his efforts to earn the money, he runs into trouble and needs 34 crore taka for.

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